What does vinyasa mean?

In Sanskrit, vinyasa literally means "to place carefully."  In yoga, it is commonly used to describe an asana practice that links breath and movement.  We chose it because it conveys the mindfulness of our actions on and off the horse.

Do you practice yoga poses on the horse?

Not exactly. We will do some yoga style stretching while riding, but these are tailored to our riding positions. There will be no down-dog on the horse's back. :)

What is Dressage?

 A method of training that develops suppleness, balance, and strength in a horse through gymnastic exercises and connection to the rider’s aids.


How does this type of dressage compare to “regular” dressage?


It is different than “regular” dressage in that we have added a yogic perspective.  This perspective guides us through principles of mindfulness, intention, wellness and kindness.   One of the biggest differences is that we do not use traditional equipment such as spurs or restrictive tack.  This includes drop or flash nose bands, draw reins, double bridles, and harsh bits.  We are careful to use the most simple and comfortable tack available and are always looking for advancements in this area.   The classical riding and conditioning principles are the same.


 How much of the lesson is yoga and how much is on the horse?

That can depend on each unique situation, though generally we spend 10-15 minutes on the ground with yoga/mindfulness warm-up in each lesson.


Do I need to own my own horse?

We can teach you on your own horse, or you can use one from our amazing team of horses.


Do I need to know how to do Yoga  or Dressage already?

No, but developing a daily practice of some sort will help you build balance, strength, and mindfulness that will accelerate your learning. 

What if I don't want to ride?

No problem. We can work with you on developing connection with the horse, softness, and skills on the ground too.

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