"I first came to Vinyasa Dressage looking for a fun way to get a couple of lessons in for my therapeutic riding certification requirement.  I have known Suzanne and Jill for many years but never as yoga teachers and dressage instructors.  Vinyasa Dressage is unlike any other lesson program I have tried.  supportive, safe, amazing all come to mind.  Supportive in all ways but probably mostly because of the concept of starting each lesson with yoga, tuning instructor and rider together and finding those places in your body that need strengthening, stretching, relaxing, breathing!  This work with yoga then seamlessly continues into the riding lesson. Safe because the instructors have a great sense of how to encourage you as a rider without pushing you to a point you feel unsafe, and because of wonderful lesson horses.  Amazing—the new farm location is breathtakingly beautiful.  The covered arena with lots of open windows looks out onto the farm and surroundings.  The combination of yoga and dressage allows growth in many areas which combine to heighten your experience as a rider and horse lover.  I leave each lesson feeling renewed and strengthened.

This is a great program for riders of all ages and levels of experience!"

Margie Muenzer